Meg has been practicing yoga since she was just seventeen years old. Meg believes yoga has the power to work miracles on the mind, body, and soul. Meg approaches yoga with a light attitude and makes every class fun, with her heated sun salutations to her cool core series’, Meg will keep you on your toes, get your muscles burning but leave you as light as a cloud after class. Meg teaches many yoga classes and covers across Brisbane and has even run her own yoga program complete with a self-penned holistic journal. In her fourth year studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science, Meg enjoys baking, bush walking, scuba diving, free diving, dancing, and hitting the gym and the yoga mat on her time off. She has also volunteered overseas as well as continuing to volunteer locally in areas such as marine research and education, environmental awareness and activism and horse riding for children with a disability. Meg will brighten your day with her contagious smile and energy, listen to all of your questions, and will get you stretched-up in ways you never thought you were capable of!



I was introduced to the transformative art of yoga during a trip to Benares in 1998 where the fascinating people, colours of life and magical charm of India founded a quest for spiritual development in me.

On returning home I continued with my practice from time to time but it was not until 2012, that the physical and philosophical aspects of Yoga became part of my daily life; my path. Yoga has given me a different perspective in life that goes beyond the physical practice that takes place on the mat. Having received so many gifts from incorporating Yoga into my life, and seeing the tremendous benefits that it has brought me, I cannot help but share that on to others.

My teaching is guided by anatomy and physiology and am passionate about passing on knowledge on correct alignment in postures to students. I teach a combination of Hatha and Iyengar Yoga traditions, and am a current student of Yoga Therapy. I believe the practice of yoga is therapy for the mind, body and soul.I was inspired to enter the fitness world through a desire to make people feel good about themselves.



Amy believes everyone has the right to feel happy and healthy. She is passionate about fitness being a lifestyle, which provides people with the tools to achieve their goals physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Amy’s early life involved movement, playing lots of different sports and competing in various styles of dancing including Ballet, Physical Culture, Ballroom and Latin American and Sports Aerobics. Now a keen traveller, Amy reignited her love of dance by participating in Rio Carnaval, Brazil in 2013.

Involved in fitness since 1998, Amy is a qualified group exercise instructor, Personal Trainer, Pilates and Yoga instructor. Amy has completed training in aqua, pilates matwork and reformer, pre and post natal exercise, exercise for rehab, personal training, Zumba and TRX suspension. She is also a level 2 attuned Reiki practitioner and a Marma Massage therapist.

The addition of yoga to Amy’s repertoire has special significance. After years in the fitness industry, it became evident to Amy that there was more to being “fit” than just the physical. Searching for something to develop her own mental and emotional strength, she discovered yoga and used it to help her through various personal health battles including depression and migraines.

Amy completed yoga teacher training in the magical Baja Peninsular in Mexico with Yandara Yoga Institute. The 200 hour intensive course blended Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga. This course involved over ten different teachers from all over the world, different backgrounds, styles and ages, including Reiki masters, astrologers and musicians. This course changed Amy’s life on so many different levels.


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